Bloom Lab Care Center offers you fast, easy-to-access nursing services.

Neuromodulator and Hyaluronic Acid

Medical Aesthetic

Travel health clinic

Traveler’s Clinic

Travel vaccine (YF-VAX, TYPHOID, TWINRIX, IXIARO...)

Travel Vaccines

Basic vaccine (Québec immunization program)

Regular Vaccines

Student vaccination/Tuberculosis test

Vaccine Student/Intern Package

Others vaccines (bexsero, shingrix, arexvy, gardasil9...)

Other Vaccines

Injection (VIT B12, Prolia, ACO...)

Various Injections

Screening STD

STD Screening with or without a medical requisition

Screening Herpes

HSV Herpes 1 & 2 screening

Blood test (stool, urine and others samples)

General Blood Tests

Prenatal blood test

Prenatal Screening


Induced Hyperglycemia

Pap test

PAP test

Urine traction infection

Rapid urine analysis

Throat infection

Rapid Streptest

Blood test h. pylori

H Pylori Serology

Breath test h pylori

Breath Test H Pylori

Treatment for warts and skin tag

Cryotherapy with Liquid Nitrogen for warts

Resting EKG

Resting EKG

Ear Cleaning

Ear Cleaning

Covid19 PCR

Covid19 PCR

Rapid Covid19 test

Rapid Covid19 Test

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