Rapid Streptest

Medical requisition not required.

This service, with the antibiotic prescription option, is provided to adult clients only. For children’s antibiotic prescriptions, a consult with a Doctor is required.

You think you have Strepthroat (Streptococcus group A)?

BloomLab is offering a rapid Streptest, with an antibiotic prescription in case of a positive result.

If you already have a prescribing doctor, we also offering a certified Streptest sent directly to your doctor.

Note that we also send a throat culture to our lab, included in both prices below.

Services $Fees
Rapid Strepthroat with an antibiotic prescription (adults) 178
Certified rapid Streptest (adults and children) 78

For every service received at BloomLab, an insurance receipt will be provided on demand.

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